Our Projects

1. Promotion & Linkage of Self Help Groups: Rural poverty in India continues to be significant despite of the fact that effort has been made over past decays to eradicate the poverty. To begin with IRDP in the year 1980-81, Govt. of India launched TRYSEM, DWCRA, SITRA and GKY added over a period for the eradication of poverty by way of Self employment to youth through skill up gradation are now no more in operation, however, SGSY introduced in the year 1999 with the sole objective to help the BPL communities which has been implemented by GJKP and able to develop a sizable number of SHGs in its operational area.
1-(a) SHGs under SGSY: GJKP has already formed and promoted total 845 SHGs in in Shebganj, Motipur and Musahari blocks of Muzaffarpur district out of which 445 SHGs credit linked under SGSY scheme with the help of DRDA, 400 SHGs with the help of RMK, RGVN, Trust Micro Fin Network etc. During the reporting period GJKP actively involved in follow up action and allied activities of the groups . GJKP organized basic orientation training for all the SHG members to make them aware of income generating program as well as to mange the affairs of SHGs including the process of saving, inter loaning and record keeping as well as to start income generating activity.
GJKP also conducted skill development training to 220 SHGs in various self employment oriented trades already selected by the concerned SHGs and they interred in income generating activities. The Organization supported them with technical know how concerned to quality control and marketing promotion. A sizable women population involved in this program to earn its their livelihood by adopting traditional activities without the support of her husband or a male member from the family, as most of the male members migrating in search of wage employment away from the native place to distant town or state. in Shebganj, Motipur and Mushari blocks of Muzaffarpur district out of which 445 SHGs credit linked under SGSY scheme with the help of DRDA, 400 SHGs with the help of RMK, RGVN, Trust Micro Fin Network etc. however, GJKP formed 225 SHGs during the reporting period under SGSY scheme with the financial support from DRDA Muzaffarpur, Sheohar and East Champaran Districts. A sizable women population involved in this program to earn its their livelihood by adopting traditional activities without the support of her husband or a male member from the family, as most of the male members migrating in search of wage employment away from the native place to distant town or state.
1-(b) Joint Liability Groups under Micro Finance Program: Trust Micro Fin Network Lucknow, assisting GJKP from the year 2006-07 with a very small amount now assisting by a sizable amount resulted in to the formation of JLG-125 and 225 Self Help Groups as well as in support of RGVN, Patna. During the reporting period GJKP extended needed technical, financial and marketing support to start income generation activities.
Sizable women members involved in traditional livelihood activities together with small business. 2 Leather Artisan Group: With the financial assistance of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, the GJKP implemented the project entitled SUPPORT TO ARTISANS covers area of three blocks of Muzaffarpur district and all the five blocks of Sheohar district of Bihar. The activities under the project performed during the year as given below-
3 Micro Finance Program: Keeping in view the major challenges foreseen over a period of time in the working area of GJKP, reshape the entire thinking process to help the poor and resource less families of the area by way of working capital made available to those who wish to start their own enterprise. Micro Fin Network, Lucknow, RGVN and other came on our rescue to help the poor communities be involving the poor families in small business and production activities. Thus GJKP disbursed about Rs.1.22 crore to about 22 to families the move out from BPL list, However, it could not become possible to eradicate the poverty as such as the gap is very high.
4. Family Counseling Centre: GJKP implementing the family counseling program in five blocks of Sheohar district in Bihar State bordering Nepal assisted by Central Social Welfare Board New Delhi which continued during the reporting period. The counseling centre is ably managed by counselors and the field staff to look in to the family disputes amicably. The process is being well supported by the district Police, Judiciary, local leaders, religious leaders and lawyers of the district. It has been observed that the conflicts are mainly related to family relationship, dowry, husband wife relationship, mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship and even land disputes. The process of deciding such disputes are basically based on democratic pattern.
5. Implementation of Crèche Program: GJKP implementing 5 Crèches continuously in Sahebganj block of the Muzaffarpur district assisted by Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi enrolling 25 children of 0-6 years of age group at each Creche Centre. The crèche are managed by a Teacher and assistants. The provision of study material and one time meal has also been continued through the assistance. The crèche are run in Navanagar, Pratap patti, Rajpur, Bishunpur, Kalyan and Halimpur Panchayats of the block. The children are sent to Government primary schools on the attainment of 6 years of age..
6. Child Help Line: GJKP very recently entrusted to run a Child Help Line program under ICPS scheme of Ministry women and child development at Motipur block of Muzaffarpur district assisted by Child Help Line India, Mumbai to facilitate Juvenile Act, 2000. The Child Help Line will facilitate the children who are deprived of their right or those who are orphan, street children or otherwise a child has conflict with law in one way or the other.
7 SRI Technique to Boost Agriculture Production: GJKP in November,2010 entrusted SRI technique scheme by Dorabji Tata Trust, Mumbai to raise agriculture production and productivity through the SRI technique which is very easy, cheap and cost effective for the recourse less agriculture families. GJKP implemented this technique in Sahebganj and Mushari blocks of Muzaffarpur district amongst 4000 farmers families who possess less than two hectares of land traditionally raising paddy crops. This is still continuing . This program replicated by facilitates the farmer communities to adopt the SRI technique to raise the productivity per hectare at minimum cost and labor. The other farmers of the area and suburb areas have also adopted this system of farming.
8. SDTT Project for Agriculture Development A project of Agriculture Development covering 500 households of two Panchayats Hussepur and Hussepur Ratti of Sahebganj Block of Muzaffarpur district sanctioned to GJKP in Jan.2012. Survey work and identification of households and whole programme are completed .
9. Support to Artisan Program: The ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Leather promotion Govt. of India entrusted the program to implement during 11th five year plan period amongst 5500 Artisan families of Sahebganj, Motipur and Mushari block of Muzaffarpur and all the five blocks of Sheohar Districts. GJKP started implementation of the program from 1st September 2010.
Formation to self help group:
GJKP promoting SHGS concept in rural masses implementing SHG Programme in specific group i.e. Leather base Rural Artisans from September 2010 in three block each in Muzaffarpur & Sheohar districts. a. GJKP formed 169 SHGs during 01.09.2010 to 31.3.2011 with 1690 members and opening of SB A/c’s for 87 SHG’s. GJKP formed another 4 SHGs during 28.02.2011 to 31.03.2011 consists of 870 members and opened 93 SBA/cs during the period in different commercial and Gramin Banks. Thus GJKP formed 252 SHGs, opened SB A/c for 178 SHG and total beneficiary 2520 till date. b. GJKP reported organisation of 6 Awareness generation camps in Mushari, Motipur, Sahebganj and Sheohar blocks, till March 2011 and remaining two blocks Dumari Katsaiy and Tariyani covered during the period 28.02.2011 to 31.03.2011 with same activity.Thus total six Awareness programmes has been conducted during first half of the project period i.e. 28.02.2011 to 31.03.2011. Setting of Resource, Training, Design and Raw Material base centre on hired premises. On market screening, GJKP succeeded in hiring a building with covered area almost 3400 Sq. ft. to run the centre with all facilities to be provided under this project.
a. Necessary machinery and equipment purchased and fixed at the centre with adequate space.
b. The first batch of 50 trainees has gone out after receiving the training as per specification laid down in the project proposal.Second batch consists of 75 trainees under progress and the batch will complete the training by the end of April 2011.
c. Curriculum and study material is being distributed amongst the trainees.
d. Required raw material and equipments purchased and are being used during the course of training.
e. The Sub Centre of Sahebganj has been started on a hired premises of 2400 Sq. ft. covered area and would be in working condition by second week of March 2011 as the machinery and equipments purchased are being fixed with other fittings and facilities.
(C) Credit Facilities:
The Artisan Identity Cards are in the process of distribution to each and every member of Self Help Groups promoted during the reporting period. This process will continue till the promotion of SHG in not over.
Awareness camps has been organized in each cluster to encourage thrift and credit amongst Artisan communities as well as motivating the branch managers and supportive staff of commercial and Gramin Banks to facilitate the Artisan communities to mobilize credit on easy terms and conditions without any delay in processing of applications.
(D) Marketing Support:
The necessary preparation has been in process to support the Artisans to be made available on purchase of raw material for the product to sale of finished product during second half, soon after the release of IInd installment of Grant assistance.
(E) Publicity:
GJKP publicizing the theme of support to Artisan Programme by way of;
i. Fixing up Hoarding on important places of the project area.
ii. Fixing up of Posters in the project area.
iii. Distribution of Pamphlets in the project area through newspapers distributors and by a van with mike facility.
iv. Publicity through Maa Cables on TV channel.
v. Door to Door Publicity by our field staff engaged in this project as well as in other projects.
(F) Opening of Wholesale cum Retail outlet at Muzaffarpur This component could not be started due to the partial fund allocation, as has been explained in our earlier report. GJKP working on this component silently and will finalize the deal soon after the receipt of allocation under this head in the IInd installment of grant assistance.
(G) Training Machinery and equipments: During March 2011, GJKP finalized the sub centre and signed the Rent Deed Agreement deal with property owner. GJKP also purchased the machinery and fixed the same at Sahebganj to be utilized for the training purpose.
(H) Implementation & Monitoring: It has been a continued process being carried out by the GJKP Secretary, Project Coordinator and the Consultant. The physical achievement in respect of SHG Promotion, Account Opening and credit facilitation observed as promotion of 252 SHG, with 2520 member and opening of 178 SB A/c’s in different Banks of the Project Area.
10. Vocational Training: a. Computer Training: GJKP imparted two batches of short duration training in Computer to the 40 youths from urban areas of Musahari Block, District Muzaffarpur. The trainees belong to poor and resource less families who attained inter mediate qualification and wish to do some useful work for him/her self and the family. GJKP manage instructor and basic facilities for computer education.
b. Cutting & Tailoring: GJKP imparted training to 20 women youths in tailoring and cutting. The beneficiaries belong to belong to BPL families from urban area of Musahari Block of Muzaffarpur District.
a. Leather Goods 30 youths belong to traditional SC families of Sheohar Block of Sheohar District provided training in leather goods by GJKP. After training out of 30 trained 24 are engaged in wage employment programme run under GJKP during the year.
a. Vermi Compost Vermi composting is one the major system of organic farming and organic manure production. There is large demand of vermin compost and accordingly employment is emerging in this field. Large numbers of farmers and youths are interested for training. Keeping the view of demand, GJKP provided short course training in this trade to 50 persons comprises youths, farmers, men & female of Sahebganj Block.
a. Beautician training GJKP imparted training in beautician to 20 women youths coming from urban areas of Musahari Block of Muzaffarpur District considering the potentiality of employment/self employment.
a. Mobile repairing training GJKP imparted training in Mobile repairing to 20 youths coming from urban and rural areas of Sheohar Block of Sheohar District considering the high scope of employment/self employment.
15. AIDS Awareness generation Program:
The entire north Bihar facing migratory problem of each family as the male members used to go out in search of wage employment came in contact with several people carrying such fatal disease. GJKP organized one day workshop at Mehsi. The total participants were 150 persons comprises truck drivers, rickshaw pullers, labourers migrating from their native place. In the workshop truck drivers from Motipur,Chakia, Mehsi Blocks adjacent to NH 28, and other participants of nearby workshop participated. Topics of workshop discussed were of preventive measures of AIDS/HIV i.e. How one cum get away from such fatal disease has been tipped out stressing on the prevention side of the disease. Once a person infected by such disease world spread the fatal disease in the family and surrounding. The tips like safe sex with single partner, use of condom, use of deposable syringes, tested blood transmission etc. are the major prevention to keep away from the AIDS.
16. Awareness Generation Workshop on Drug abuse:
GJKP organized one day workshop at Sheohar Drugs in take and its all consequences on human behavior as well as on human health. The workshop has been attended by 130 male/female participants were urban and rural area on participatory approach. The participants decided to carry out a campaign against the in take of drugs in any form and to campaign again drug sellers of the area.
17. Environmental Awareness Programs & Health and Sanitation
GJKP organized one day workshop at Motipur on important issues of keeping the environmental ecology at its best attended by 180 religious persons, PRI representatives, community leaders and social leaders. The participants were sensitized on eco friendly issues like sanitation of entire village adoption of low cost latrines, composting, cleanliness around safe drinking water well and hand pump, cleanliness of kitchen and kitchen wares, use of smoke free fuel personal hygiene and other such measures helping the society maintaining the health of the society .
18. Flood Relief Awareness Program:
North Bihar is facing flood frequently each year in the river passing through Tirhut Division of North Bihar through Gandak, Burhi Gandak, Bagmati mainly during rainy season. GJKP Organised awareness camps to make the people aware about disaster management techniques to save people from the calamities of floods. The GJKP helped the flood victims through the distribution of relief commodities as well as by organizing disaster management workshop to make the people aware on the management of such natural calamities at Sheohar.
19. Women Empowerment and PRIS:
At Kanti, GJKP organized one day workshop of panchayati Raj institution members, office bearers, SHG group leaders and members, community women leaders, teachers and villagers about their rights, women various Acts, Minimum wages Acts, Governments various programmes concerned to women development, income generation activities, redresal of grievances so as to enable them to access to the benefits of programme and participate in developmental programmes.
20. Residential Program for working Women:
GJKP a grass root level organization engaged in empowering women through the promotion of Self Help Groups, Joint Liability Groups and Micro Finance entrepreneurship in its working area of GJKP observed that quite a reasonable number of women engaged in Government Job, Private Jobs, Self Employment and other such activities living alone leavening her family away at their place face many of the problem during the stay at work place like wise the activities engaged in Self employment business activities also face lot of problems while moving on place to another in search of a place to stay comfortably. GJKP trying its best to generate resources for comfortable stay of such type of women at Muzaffarpur being the trade centre of North Bihar,
21. Awareness on the Scheme of Rural Development:
GJKP organized two awareness camps one at Sahebganj and another at Tariani , Sheohar District to make the people (participants-PRIs representatives, community leaders, NGOs representatives, Teachers and students, rural youths about the various developmental and welfare programmes- NRLM, MNREGA, Rural Health Mission, Agriculture, KVIC, PMRY, Health and education, women empowerment, National Horticulture Mission, Functions of NABARD, Banks, Developmental Departments etc. so as to enable the people to access to the benefits of programmes.
22. Rural Women Livelihood Development
GJKP organized awareness camps at Tariani and Pipradhi Block hq. of Sheohar district to make the people aware about the Government programmes concerned to livelihood development of women. Focus was given to the income generating programme- SGSY under SHG, NABARD, Women Development Corporation, Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, NMDFC, KVIC, PMRY, MNREGA, National and State Women Commissions etc.
23. Welfare Program for Aged Citizen:
GJKP making efforts to help the senior citizen of Sahebganj, Motipur and Mushahan block of Muzaffarpur district by way of medical check up, distribution of medicine with the help of local community. GJKP organized one day camp in each block headquarter of Sheohar, Purnahia and Sheohar to make the community on the issues and problems of elders in day to day life. GJKP also making the community aware regarding the welfare programs of the Government being the run for the welfare of the Aged persons. Also motivate the community to care the elders in the light of suggestions.
14. Adolescent Girls Awareness Program:
A workshop on adolescence behavior of girl child has been organized at Motipur reflecting reproductively, biophysical changes amongst girl child on a certain age and how these changes should be faced by a girl child. Many times parents also fail to understand a girl child entering in to the adolescent age. The lady social activist, lady doctor and other paramedical staff participated in the program to address the issues and to resolve them with simple tips.
24. Welfare Program for Handicapped:
GJKP organized one day seminar at Pipra and Kesaria blocks of East Champaran district to make the handicapped their families aware and educated on scheme of Govt. for the welfare of disables. GJKP manage to communicate the message that disables needs support not the sympathy. The disables are capable of being able to support themselves in each dimension of life if they decided to do so. The handicapped can physically and mentally challenge persons and can participate in the activities of GJKP activities as well as they can make their own community knowledgeable in each sphere of life.
25. Youth Leadership and Skill Development programme
GJKP organised one day awareness camp at Kanti Block Hq. of Muzaffarpur district . Participants were Students, educated unemployed youths, Community Leaders , PRI representatives, Youth clubs leaders, Group leaders of 10 nearby villages of the block. It was discussed about the importance of leadership and capacity building to youths, their role in development of society and nation, social change, communal harmony, national integration etc. Now-a-days it is found due to proper guidance the youths are going towards anti social activities, drug abuse, robberies, kidnapping etc. The basic reasons are unemployment and proper guidance. In the camps it was taught about the various programmes concerned to skill dvelopment and employment. GJKP implementing the Leather Artisan Program in this block it is desirable to attract the leather artisan family youth to know about the over all working of GJKP as well as the specialized scheme for artisans. The workshop helped the youth of the area to develop leadership ability.
26 Safe Drinking water
GJKP has been focusing on safe drinking water in its area of operation. In this connection it organized one day general awareness camps at Musahari Block . In the camp importance of safe drinking water and its identification was discussed. The participants were aware how to purify the unsafe water . The majority of diseases are water borne. The audience were advised to keep the water safe and utilize only safe water for drinking to prohibit from diseases.
27 Human Trafficking programme
At Chakia one day awareness camp was organized to make the people aware about the incidences of human (women) trafficking and they were advised to take initiative to prohibit such incidences in organized way.
27 Female Foeticide Programme
GJKP organized one day Seminar on Female Foeticide at Sahebganj. The participants were community leaders, PRIs representatives, SHG leaders, teachers, Doctors, social workers and general people. The participants were aware that female foeticides is a crime. It was stated that the per thousand female ratio is 923 and the female ratio is decreasing continuously. This will be a national problem. To prevent this crime Government has passed a PC and PNDT Act (Pre-conception and pre-Natal Diagnostic Technology). The participants were taught that they should take initiative to prevent this anti social act. Under the PNDT Act such crime is unbailable and conigiable .
28 Female Foeticide Programme
GJKP has been propagating and popularizing the solar energy system in its area of operation. At present scenario not only in remote and rural areas but also in urban areas people are facing with limited supply of electricity. The population is growing and to fulfill the required power supply is a national problem. Solar energy system is the remedial step to meet out the power. In this field Government is providing facilities to setting up solar energy system. There are many Institutions and Departments are working in this sector and providing instruments and guidance. BREDA is a State Government Institution working in the sector. Participants were advised to adopt solar energy system for lighting and cooking purposes to meet out lighting facility and to save fuel too.
28 Adult Education/Balwadi Programme
GJKP possesses working experience in this field by running several Balwadi and education programmes like formal and non formal education, early child education, adult education, Shramik Bal Education Schools , women education. In this subject it has organized workshop at Kanti to make the general people aware about importance of Adult education and Balwadi Education. There are 3 Balwadi Centre are running in Sahebganj Block at the organizational resources.
28 DOTS(Directly Observed Treatment of Tuberculosis Short Course) programme
GJKP under financial assistance of Muzaffarpur District DOTS Department organized one day awareness programme at Sahebganj. The participants were PRIs representatives, Anganwari workers, Doctors, SHGs leaders, teachers, students and villagers. In the Camps the participants were taught about the DOTS programme. It was stated that a large number of people are suffering with TB. Government through its DOTS programme extending free medical tests and treatment. The people were advised to go nearest Government Hospitals and get free medical treatment and treatment. It was also aware about the symptoms of TB.
28 ASHA Training programme
Under the programme of NRHM State Health Society Bihar has sanctioned a project of ASHA Training Modules 5,6,7 to GJKP covering 7 Blocks of Muzaffarpur district, whole districts of East Champaran and Sheohar. The organization has completed training of ASHA Module 5 in Muzaffarpur district during the reporting year. The project is continuing.