SRI Technique to Boost Agriculture Production (Locally Samridhi)

GJKP entrusted SRI technique scheme by Dorabji Tata Trust, Mumbai to raise agriculture production and productivity through the SRI technique which is very easy, cheap and cost effective for the recourse less agriculture families. GJKP implementing this technique in Sahebganj and Mushari blocks of Muzaffarpur district amongst 4000 farmers families who possess less then two hectare of land traditionally raising paddy crops. This program will facilitate the farmer communities to adopt the SRI technique to raise the productivity per hectare at minimum cost and labor.

ASHA Training programme

Under the programme of NRHM State Health Society Bihar has sanctioned a project of ASHA Training Modules 5,6,7 to GJKP covering 7 Blocks of Muzaffarpur district, whole districts of East Champaran and Sheohar. GJKP conducting training of ASHA Module 5 ,6 &7 in all three Districts. Total budget of the program is 7 crore , and fund is released by three District Health Society. .

Child Labour School

GJKP managing two child labor school one each at Tinkothia of Muzaffarpur and Mahaddipur of Motipur block of Muzaffarpur District consists of 20 boys and 30 girls in each school for those children who never been to school, some how managing their meals through rag picking and other such activities. GJKP facilitating children by providing mid day meal and other facilities and education by able teachers as well as vocational skill by the trained instructors to enable them to develop their skill so as to earn livelihood.


GJKP very recently entrusted to run a Child Help Line program under ICPS scheme of Ministry women and child development at Sahebganj block of Muzaffarpur district assisted by Child Help Line India, Mumbai to facilitate Juvenile Act, 2000. The Child Help Line will facilitate the children who are deprived of their right or those who are orphan, street children or otherwise a child has conflict with law in one way or the other.

Condense Course:

The condense course is being run continuously for 25 women participants each year, assisted by Central Social Welfare Board New Delhi, for those women who has completed their 5th standard but unable to continue her study, however, the drop out women will complete her eighth standard education, Thus GJKP helping 25 women each year to attain 8th standard education and to become self reliant.

Family Counseling Centre:

GJKP implementing the family counseling program in five blocks of Sheohar district in Bihar State bordering Nepal assisted by Central Social Welfare Board New Delhi. The counseling centre is ably managed by counselors and the field staff to look in to the family disputes amicably. It has been observed that the conflicts are mainly related to family relationship, dowry, husband wife relationship, mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship and even land disputes.

Implementation of Crèche Program:

GJKP implementing 5 Crèches continuously in Sahebganj block of the Muzaffarpur district assisted by Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi enrolling 25 children of 0-6 years of age group at each Creche Centre. The crèche are managed by a Teacher and assistants. The provision of study material and one time meal has also been continued through the assistance. The crèche are run in Navanagar, Pratap patti, Rajpur,Bishunpur, Kalyan and Halimpur Panchayats of the block. The children are sent to Government primary schools on the attainment of 6 years of age..

Micro Finance Program:

Keeping in view the major challenges foreseen over a period of time in the working area of GJKP, reshape the entire thinking process to help the poor and resource less families of the area by way of working capital made available to those who wish to start theirown enterprise. Micro Fin Network, Lucknow, RGVN and other came on our rescue to help the poor communities be involving the poor families in small business and production activities. Thus GJKP disbursed about Rs.3 crore to about 400 families the move out from BPL list, However, it could not become possible to eradicate the poverty as such as the gap is very high.


GJKP started running a Palanaghar at ANM training centre, Muzaffarpur to facilitate those children whose mothers are engaged in teaching and other type of activities at the hospital.The grant has been released for 20 children by the Mahila Vikas Nigam, Patna.

Promotion & Linkage of Self Help Groups (SGSY):

Rural poverty in India continues to be significant despite of the fact that effort has been made over past decays to eradicate the poverty. To begin with IRDP in the year 1980-81, Govt. of India launched TRYSEM, DWCRA, SITRA and GKY added over a period for the eradication of poverty by way of Self employment to youth through skill up gradation are now no more in operation, however, SGSY introduced in the year 1999 with the sole objective to help the BPL communities which has been implemented by GJKP and able to develop a sizable number of SHGs in its operational area. GJKP has already formed and promoted total 845 SHGs.

Support to Artisan Program:

The ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Leather promotion Govt. of India entrusted the program to implement during 11th five year plan period amongst 5500 Artisan families of Sahebganj, Motipur and Mushari block of Muzaffarpur and all the five blocks of Sheohar Districts. GJKP started implementation of the program from 1st September 2010 . Total budget of the program was 4.3 Crores.